Managing Devices

In this chapter users will learn how to manage devices.

List Devices

From the main menu, choose “Devices” -> “Manage Devices”. The device list screen will show up.

Each item is a device currently in the network. For Libre Home devices, the icon will correctly reflect the color and layout “for multi-switches”. Also for Liberty IoT Hub device, the device IEEE address, Hornet ID and Hub’s internal device ID will be displayed in the bottom.

List Device

Device Status

You may notice that some devices display with extra icons on the right side.

  • Low Battery - Device battery is low
  • Pending Query - Device data query in progress
  • Pending Remove - Device is being removed
  • Pending Replace - In warranty service is requested, replacement in transit
  • Upgrade Available - Firmware upgrade is available
  • Pending Upgrade - Firmware upgrade is in progress
  • Problem - Can not communicate with device
  • Pending Query - Device is configured in an unusual way (for example, disabled). Note it only serves an notification, which doesn’t necessarily indicate any problem.

Battery Status

For battery-powered devices, such as Libre Remote, the battery voltage is also shown.

Usually, the user shall replace the battery when the voltage drops below 2.3V.

Upgrade Status

Firmware Upgrade Progress

If a device is performing the firmware upgrade, the progress will be displayed in real-time (as a percentage).

Upgrade Status

Third Party Wi-Fi/Ethernet Devices

Liberty IoT Hub can automatically discover other third-party devices running on your local network, using both uPnP and DNS-SD protocols.

Press the device in the Device List will be able to browse technical details about the device from collected from both uPNP and DNS-SD.

Wi-Fi/Ethernet Device Drivers

With our patented Liberty-IoT-App technology, developers can write IoT Apps to drive third-party Wi-Fi/Ethernet devices.

The IoT Apps will create some “virtual devices” representing the third-party device, for example, an On/Off switch that controls the power, or a “Level” device that controls the speaker volume.

Those “virtual devices” can be controlled through users’ smartphones, or they can be “bound” to real devices such a remote button, or even an in-wall switch/dimmer, through “Device Link Group”.

Denon Receiver Driver is an App that drives Denon/Marantz brands AV receivers.

Removing Third-Party Devices

In next version, user will be able to remove the third-party devices. In this version, they can’t.

Note user can only remove third party devices that no longer exist; otherwise, the device will be rediscovered by Hub. There is no way to hide the device from Hub.

3rd party devices

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