Developer Account

Every developer shall create a developer account before creating code.

Developer account is basically a developer name (or company name).

Valid Developer Account Name

A valid developer account name shall be a string satisfying the following rules:

  • No leading or trailing spaces
  • UTF-8 encoded, with length not exceeding 64 bytes
  • Doe NOT contain the following characters
    '/', '\n', '\r', '\t', '\0', '\f', '`', '?', '*', '\\', '<', '>', '|', '\"', ':'
  • Does not start with a “.”
  • Does not contain a string of two consecutive underscores “__”

Libre Developer Account

After all, Libre Home is all about, liberty. It is OK for developers keep their developer accounts private. In that case, as long as the developer account name is unique within the hub, developer can choose any name.

Nevertheless, if developer wishes to publish work on Libre App Store, a registration is required.

Registration of developer account names is on “first come, first reserve” basis.

Individuals can use their user name as developer account name. If user already registered the user name on Libre Network, the name can also be used as valid account name to publish App on Libre App Store.

However, Libre Home reserves the right to revoke any name for any reason. So please follow common professional and social code of conduct when registering names!

Developer Account Security

Registered Libre Developer Account is password protected.

We never directly save any password on our side. Password is always heavily hashed with Argon2 algorithm. The hash is done on Liberty IoT Hub and then securely transmitted to Libre Home network.

Libre Home will verify user identity using “zero knowledge proof”. By design, plain user password shall never be transmitted unhashed over any network.

For the same reason, developer is responsible for keeping the password safe. If developer loses the password, there is NOT way for Libre Home to recover it. As result the account may be lost forever.

Managing Developer Account

Add/Remove Developer Account Name on Liberty IoT Hub

Account Menu

Account Mgr