Thermostat Schedule

“Thermostat schedule” is a built-in app. The app can be used to create a daily schedule of thermostat settings.

Each schedule contains a series of actions, each action has a “start-time” and thermostat cool and heat temperature setpoints.

The same schedule can be applied to a group of weekdays.

Example Task

The example below will create a schedule for a family room, which will only be occupied briefly during working weekdays (Monday-Friday).

From the actual schedule, we can tell that the room is only occupied during two periods of time.

  1. In the morning, between “Wake Up” (6:30 AM) and “Leave” (8:00 AM).
  2. In the evening, between “Back” (18:00) and “Sleep” (22:00).

When the room is occupied, we set the thermostat between 70°F and 74°F.

When the room is not occupied, we set the thermostat between 60°F and 84°F, to save energy.

Note, the animation below only demonstrates the creation of the first action, “Wake Up”.

Task Lightshow

Final Task View

The final view contains two pages. Please wait for 5 seconds to see the other page.

Task Lightshow Final