Access Control List

The access control defines the access flags a user (or user group) to every object in the system, including:

  • DeviceDevices
  • DeviceLogical Devices
  • AppApps
  • TaskTasks
  • UserUsers

The list may be quite long, a search box is provided to narrow an object down.



Following accesses are defined:

  • Read Read
    • For devices, get status
    • For other objects, know the existence
  • Control Control
    • For devices, control
    • For tasks, turn on/off
    • For users, send messages
  • Remove Remove; user can remove this object from system
  • Config Config; user can manage the object
    • For devices, change attributes
    • For tasks, edit the task arguments
    • For users, change user attributes; for groups, edit the group members

Managing Access Control

Press on one item to edit a user’s access to that object.

Grayed Out Access

If access is grayed out, it means the access is inherited from a group, where the current user/group is a member.

ACL Edit

Add Object Access

Please “+” button on title bar, a menu will pop up asking for the type of the object.

When a type is chosen, another pop up will show up, with list of all available object of the selected type.