Edit Scene

A scene is a series of device actions.

Scene Actions

Scene Name and Icon

A scene shall have a name and an icon, just like a regular device (logical device actually).

Press on the name field on the top of the screen to edit the name and icon of the scene.

Read “Device Name & Icon” for more details.

Manage Actions

On smartphone App, user can add/remove/edit/re-order actions.

Press the “+” button to add an action.

Press on existing action to edit it.

Long press on existing action brings up more options.

Scene Options

Action Trigger Order

By default, all actions in a scene are triggered simultaneously, with no delay The actual time it takes for control messages to reach the devices may vary.

Unless “Action Waiting” options are enabled.

Action Waiting

Users can force an action to wait before processing actions below it.

Scene Waiting

  • if “Wait for Control Ack” is checked. The scene will delay processing the actions below. Until the feedback (acknowledgment) of the control signal is received.
  • If “Max Retry” is not zero, and the control failed to execute for any reason, the system will keep retrying for times specified.
  • If “Exit on Failure” is checked, the scene will finish without executing the following actions.
  • If “Wait for Seconds” is not zero, the scene will wait for extra seconds specified before processing the following actions.

For reasons above, the order of actions matters if any action has “Action Waiting” related options enabled.

If an action has waiting options enabled, the icons representing the waiting options will be displayed along with the action (lower right side), in the action list.

Scene Waiting

On/Off Device Action

Tap the switch to set the action to “on” or “off”.

On Off

Level Device Action

Tap the “Level” field to bring up the screen to set the level.

Tap the “Transition” field to bring up the screen to set the transition time.

Transaction time is the time takes to transit from the device’s current level to the target level.


Thermostat Action

Set the desired thermostat mode and temperature setpoints associated with the mode.

From left to right, “Off”, “Heat”, “Auto”, “Cool”, “Fan Only”.