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Liberty IoT Hub features Liberty-IoT-OS operating system, an OS specially designed for IoT system. Part of the Liberty-IoT-OS is our patented Liberty App Engine, which enables developers to build applications for Liberty IoT Hub.

Liberty-IoT-OS is all about liberty. The sole purpose of Liberty-IoT-OS is to give users total control over their IoT devices, identity and data. The sole purpose of our network service is to help user (from their smartphone) to locate their Liberty IoT Hub in order to create end-to-end encrypted connection.

Liberty IoT Studio

Liberty IoT Studio is the development tool (IDE) that comes with every Liberty IoT Hub, for free.

Liberty IoT Studio

Liberty App Engine

With our patented technology, Liberty App Engine is the first and only App Engine that enables users to achieve arbitrary control scenarios with their IoT devices.

The key of our technology is to automatically generate complex UI (still optimized) on users’ devices (e.g. smartphones), based on the input data structure defined by app developers.

The result is, end users can achieve arbitrarily complex tasks through IoT Apps without writing a single line of code.

Liberty App Engine

Libre App Store

Libre App Store is the official App store for Liberty IoT Hub.

Since it is extremely easy to develop App for Liberty IoT Hub, we strongly promote open source App development.

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