Getting Started

Install Smartphone App

Android and IOS devices are supported. Please install the App on your device first.


User Device ID

The smartphone App and Hub need to know the unique ID of your smart-phone device. Apple IOS device can generate a random but unique ID per App. Android will need special permission to get the ID.

The reason we need the ID is that our security model manages access of each smart-phone device. each individual client device can be granted or revoked by administrator. So we need to a way to uniquely identify a device.

Unlike other Apps that use the device ID to track user identity and steal users’ data like there is no tomorrow, the device identity is only stored in your Hub at home and will never be shared with any third party except the Hub administrator.

Location and Wifi Information

The Hub administrator also need the GPS location of your home. The longitude/latitude can be used for various automated control algorithms. For example, the subset/sunrise time of you home at any given date. Or the weather forest of your home.

That information is sensitive and it will not be shared with any third party. We do provide API to Libre Applications. Then we will restrict Libre Application from connecting to any host beyond the local network.

The smart-phone App will use Wifi information to determine if the user is physically around the home (using the home wifi). That information will be kept on the smart-phone and will not be shared with third party.