Advanced Lighting Apps

The Libre Device Linking does NOT allow one button to control two load devices.

It is a feature. It makes things easier for everybody.

Nevertheless, using several simple Apps, users can not only control multiple load devices with one single button but also create some more innovative and intuitive group controls that no other system can achieve.

Combined Level

This App takes a group of level control devices as input.

It then creates a new virtual device representing the group of devices.

Controlling this combined device is equivalent to control all devices in the group. For example, setting the level to 50% will subsequently set the level of all devices in the group to 50%.

What makes it unique is that the status (level) of devices in a group can be reflected (feedback) to the virtual device. It even gives users the option to choose the method of calculating the “combined level”, based on the levels of the group devices.

  • Min - Use minimum level. For example, if any device in the group is “Off” (level = 0), the combined device is off.
  • Max - Use maximum level in the group
  • Average - Use average level among the group.


The example below creates a combined level device representing two table lamps in a bedroom, left and right. We name it “Master Lamps”.

Task Combined Level

Final Task

Task Combined Level

Example Usage

We can create a nice bedroom lamp setup with plug-in dimmers, wall switch and remote controls.

Combined Level Link

Using “group linking”, the combined dimmer can be linked to a real button.

Combined Level Link

Read “Remote Configuration” to learn how to configure remote buttons.

Combined Level Link Remote

Read “Load Binding” to learn how to make a multi-button switch a pure control switch by hiding its load. Multi Switch Special

Full Status Feedback

Each lamp can still be controlled individually.

If the level of an individual lamp is changed, the level of “Combined Dimmer” is changed according to the “Feedback Method” automatically!

Only Lebre Home can do it right with status feedback!