Manage Group


A group may have a set of privileges. For more information, read “User/Group Privileges”.

Press the “Privileges” row (3rd row from top) to edit it.

Groups Groups

A group may belong to one or more groups (parent groups).

Press Groups “Groups” button at the bottom to manage parent groups.

  • The child group inherits all privileges and accesses from all parent groups.
  • If the “Account Enabled” is disabled on any parent group, all group member’s account is disabled (including indirect members).

Members Members

A group may have members. A group member can be either a user or another group.

Note: Avoid cyclic group member reference.

Press Member “Members” button at the bottom to manage members.

Access Control Access

Press Access “Access Control” button at the bottom. A list of access control will show up.

Note the list can be quite long. It includes all system objects.

  • Devices
  • Logical Devices
  • Apps
  • Tasks
  • Users

Read “Accesses Control” for more details.

Remove Group Remove Group

Remove Group “Remove Group” button is at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Built-in groups can not be removed.


Manage Group Priviledges