Manage Tasks

Libre Home features patented Liberty-IoT-OS and Libre App Engine technology.

A user can create tasks from Libre Application to perform complex home automation.

List Tasks

“Tasks” screen lists all tasks in the system. Admin can create new, modify or remove existing tasks.

Admin can also start/stop tasks by clicking the right end of the task item.


Task Status Icons

  • Disabled - Task is disabled by admin
  • Running - Task is enabled and running
  • Stopped - Task is enabled but exited from running with no error
  • Error - Task is disabled because error occurred

Create New Task

Click “add” (upper right corner) to start creating a new task.

Choose an Application Function

The first step of creating a task is to choose an Application Function.

Modify or Delete Existing Task

Press the task in the list, a popup menu will show up at the bottom of the screen, which gives user options to edit or delete the task.

The Task Editor

The user interface of the task editor is extremely intuitive. Check out the examples below to get familiar with the Task Editor.

The screenshot below is a task of a sprinkler scheduler.


It’s All about Data

Our patented technology enables users to create App tasks with complex data, in an extremely intuitive way!

Managing List

One common structure is a “List” structure.

In the example above, the “Schedule Zone List” is a list. Pressing the row “Add Zone” will add a new zone. The user will be prompted to choose a zone from all installed sprinkler zones.

Users can remove or modify an existing list item, or even move the item up and down within the list, by long pressing on the list item.



In the example above, a “Zone” has an extra property, “Duration”.

The meaning is intuitive, it means how man minutes the system shall water that zone before “processing” the next zone.

Property may have extra properties. A property may be another list.

Tree Structure

Task UI is just a presentation of intuitive tree structures for the specific task.

Common Task UI Elements

Number Wheel

A number may be edited using a wheel. If the number has a range, a percentage value may be presented.


Optional Value

A data point may be “optional”. User may choose to “create” a value, or “remove” existing value.


Single or Multiple Choices

Tasks Tasks

Other Elements

There are other data types, such as Time, Date, on/off. They are very intuitive.

More Examples

Check out the examples below to learn our built-in Apps.