Messaging & Notification

Liberty IoT Hub may send messages and notifications to user’s smartphones, in real time.

Libre App Task is also capable of send messages and notifications to list of users.

Notification Drawer

When a new notification is received by smartphone, the phone status bar and notification drawer will be updated. Depending on the severity of the notification, alert sound and vibration may be generated to give user extra alerts.

Libre Home phone App will be abled to manage notifications for multiple Liberty IoT Hubs simultaneously.


Hub List

When user opens the Libre Home Smartphone App, the notification status is also displayed for each managed Liberty IoT Hub.

In the screenshot below, the “Dev Hub” has 17 unread notifications.

Hub List

If all notifications have been read, the icon will turn gray.

Hub List

Notification Viewer

Clicking the notification icon on the Hub List will bring up the notification viewer.

Notification Viewer

Notification Entry

Diagram below shows different elements of a notification entry.

Notification Entry


Datetime field is the local date time when the notification is generated.

Note the notification is generated in the same day of current local date, only time is displayed for simplicity.

Severity Level

There are 7 levels represents the severity of a message:

  • 1- Alert_1 Debug
  • 2- Alert_2 Info
  • 3- Alert_3 AlertLow (Green alert)
  • 4- Alert_4 AlertGuarded (Blue alert)
  • 5- Alert_5 AlertElevated (Yellow alert)
  • 6- Alert_6 AlertHigh (Orange alert)
  • 7- Alert_7 AlertSevere (Red alert)

Message Source

The name, along with an icon is displayed to represent the source of the notification message.

There are four types of messages sources currently defined:

  • System System
  • Device Device
  • App Task App Task
  • User User

Message Body

Message body contains addition information about the message.

Please Read All Messages!

The notification will NOT be cleared unless the users has read all unread messages.

Use the navigation buttons in the bottom to navigate to next unread message.

Notification Navigation

  • “Read Up” navigates to next unread message that is “more recent”
  • “Read Down” navigates to next unread message that is “less recent”
  • “Mark All Read” will mark all messages as “Read” and clear notifications.
  • “Read Up” and “Read Down” may be disabled to indicate that there is no more unread messages in that direction.
  • If all messages are read, the navigation buttons will disappear.

Note! The viewer will enforce a 1 second delay to assume all FULLY VISIBLE messages in the current screen are read. If user scrolls the list too fast, the messages may remain unread untile the list is “stable” for at least 1 second.