Denon Receiver Driver

The Libre App architecture gives Libre Home the unique capability to tightly integrate third party wi-fi or ethernet devices.

“Denon AVR Driver” is an App that integrates Denon/Marantz brands AV receivers into Libre Home system.

The App will take a supported receiver from the local network, and create several new “virtual devices” in the system.

  • The On/off power control will be exposed as an On/Off switch.
  • The volume control will be exposed as a level control device.
  • Input/Output controls will be exposed as a multi-state device.

Device Discovery

Libre Home can automatically detect the wi-fi or ethernet devices in the same network.

For more information please read “LAN devices”.

Example Task

In the example below, we choose a Denon X4300 from the local network.

Note there are two Denon AVR devices in the network, another is X2000.

We then expose two devices, the “On/Off” power control, and the “Volume” control.

We can give the exposed device a meaningful name, along with an Icon.

Task Denon

Final Task View

Task Denon


Once the task is created, two new devices will show up on the control screen.

Note although the two devices have the same name, their behaviors are different. One is an on/off switch, another is a level control. It is very easy to distinguish those two devices.

Task Denon

Libre Linking

The virtual devices are treated as regular load devices, which can be linked to other devices.

For example, using “group linking”, the switch and volume can be linked to a Libre Home Remote or even an in-wall switch.

The status, such as volume level, can be reflected (feedback) to linked devices automatically, in realtime.

Libre Virtual Device

Libre Home App can emulate a device with very complex behavior. An example is the receiver volume control. The emulated device is a level control device with exact state feedback, which means if a user manually adjusts the volume on receiver, the Libre Home Hub will be able to receive the volume level feedback in realtime.