Libre Remote

In this chapter we will learn how to configure Libre Remote.

Device Remote

Change Device Name

Press the name area to bring up the screen to customize the device name.

Libre Remote is not a load device, so it is not required to assign an icon to it.

Read “Device Name & Icon” for more details.

Locate Remote Locate

The “Locate” button helps the user to locate the missing remote, from the smartphone.

Press the Locate button in the bottom of the screen, a locate command is send to remote.

It should take about 8 seconds for remote to respond if the remote successfully receives the command.

The remote shall beep and keep screen flashing for about 30 seconds.

Configure Remote

Press the upper “CONFIG” button, a remote config screen will show up.

It is quite straight forward. The screen displays the remote buttons and devices linked to the buttons, along with some extra options on the screen.

Remote View

Remote Buttons

Button Types

There are 3 types of buttons:

  1. ROCKER - A rocker button has two contacts, either vertically or horizontally. One contact can be used to “turn on” (press) or “dim up” (long press). Another contact can be used to “turn off” (press) or “dim down” (long press).
  2. TOGGLE - A toggle button has only one contact. The function can alternate between “on” and “off” (or “dim on/dim off” for long press). Depending on the current state, the next action triggers the opposite state.
  3. MOMENTUM - A momentum button only stays on when pressed, when not pressed it stays off. An example is the ring button.

Note: Momentum button is not supported now. More gestures will be supported in a future firmware update.

Split and Merge

Some buttons on remote can be configured as either one rocker button or two toggle buttons.

It is called “split” or “merge”.

Remote Config Remote Config

Press any button, you will see either “Link” or “Reset” options.

Users can link a remote button to one of the linked devices. The button then becomes a shortcut button to control that device.

A link can be reset in the future.


Once a button is linked to a device, it may be further customized to fine-tune user experience.

For example, for a dimmer device, “On Level”, “On Transition Time”, “Off Transition Time”, “Default Move Rate” can be customized for the linked remote button.

For more information, read “Device Properties”.

Customize Display Display

Press Display button on right side of the top title bar. A screen will show up for users to customize the display name and icon of each linked device.

The tool will display the exact look and feel as on the remote display.

Press the right side of each item will drag-and-drop reorder the display order on the remote.

Upgrade and Remove

Follow the links below: