Holiday Lightshow

Holiday Lightshow is a built-in app. The app can be used to create a “light show” of an arbitrary number of lights.

  • Lights can be divided into groups
  • Every light within a group can be set to specified level all at once
  • The system will wait for specified seconds, then process next group
  • When the last group is processed, the task will loop back to the first group. It will loop indefinitely until the task is turned off.

Example Task

The example below will create a blinking light with only 1 light (named “Outdoor”).

The light will turn on, wait for 1 second, then turn off, wait for another 1 second. The pattern will loop indefinitely.

Task Lightshow

Final Task View

Task Lightshow Final


The light will blink. On your smartphone, the light state will feedback like this.

Task Lightshow Run

More Lights

The App can be used to create light shows with an arbitrary number of lights in an arbitrary pattern.