Development Platform

Every Liberty IoT Hub comes with a complete development platform, Liberty-IoT Studio, which is complete free for everybody.

The development platform can be accessed from a web browser.

Accessing Development Platform

For security reason, by default, the web interface can only be accessed from local network.

Obtaining The Hub URL

From your Smart-phone app, launch the hub admin. Then navigate to “Device” -> “Manage Devices”.

Find the hub, click it. Then click “CONFIG” button.

Get “Developer Access URL” from the properties list.


Login to Web Platform

Launch the Hub URL from your browser.


At the login screen, choose your user name from drop off box. Click “OK”. A login code will pop up.



From your Smart-phone app, choose “Users and Security” -> “Remote Web Login”.



Input the code, the web platform will login as the user.

Liberty-IoT Studio