Control Devices

Smartphone App can list the state of all connected devices. User is able to control devices from the screen.

Launch Device Control

From the initial “Hub List” screen, click the Hub you would like to control.

For example, in order to control “Dev Hub”, click the area marked with red rectangle shown below.

Hub Control

Device List

User can browser a list of all devices (subject to user access control permissions), along with current state.

State Information

Device state differs on different type of devices.

For switches, the on/off state will show up. If the switch is a dimmer switch, a percentage of level will show below.

If the device has electrical measurement capability, the current power consumption will also show up (in Watts or Milliwatts).

Some special consideration will be taken. For example, if a device is a speaker volume, no “on/off” button will show up. It will prevent users from turning volume to the maximum or minimum with one simple click.

Thermostat control will display current mode (Off/Heat/Cool/Fan/Auto) along with current temperature and humidity.

Control Device List

Controlling Devices

For switches and dimmers, user can simply use on/off button to turn device on and off. For dimmer, turning on/off usually means setting the dimming level to maximum or minimum by default, though the actual “on level” and “off level” is actually customizable by user.

Control Dimmer

Thermostat state and temperature set points can be easily changed by user by clicking the device on screen. Please keep in mind user has to click “OK” button so that the changes to thermostat will take effect!

Control Thermostat

Work in Progress

The control screen is a work in progress. We will offer user more convenient ways to groups devices for easier access.