Liberty IoT Hub.

The brain of your smart home.

Designed to "make every sense" only for the users, socially, logically, technically and economically.

Privacy protection to the extreme. Truly decentralized design without any crypto Ponzi scheme.

Enjoy total control of your home and your own data, in any way you like it!

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Libre Home Thermostat.

Minimalist design, maximum potential.

Finally, a versatile, low cost and highly reliable thermostat, driven by the open source community and evolving to maximum intelligence.

Unlike other "smart" thermostats, we do NOT steal any data from you. You keep your identity and data, while all intelligence can still be achieved inside your home.

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Libre Home In-Wall Switches and Dimmers.

Classic beauty, with a moden touch.

Classic single paddle dimmer or on/off switch, with everything configurable, from on level, on or off transition time for dimmers, to back light level of the LED indicators.

We invented the Libre Home Multi-switch, a switch with user customizable layout, color and icons. You design the style and functionality of your own, we build it.

Enjoy the refined, reliable controls that have never been experienced before, at your hand, quietly!

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Libre In-Wall Switches and Dimmers

Libre Home Plugin Switches and Dimmers.

Controls more appliances in your home.

Bed lamps controlled from a wall switch, a remote and smartphone.

Heater, humidifier/dehumidifier, toaster, controlled by any condition you define. The list goes on and on.

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Libre Plugin switches and dimmers.

Libre Home mart Remote.

Autonomous control at your finger tip. Quietly serving your introspection.

With year-long battery life, ability to bind a variety of devices to buttons through smartphone, we introduced a new, quiet and natural way to control your home appliances.

Can't find your remote? Use your smartphone to wake it! It will beep and flash!

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Libre Home Sprinkler Controller.

Open platform, evolving.

Minimalist design to the extreme. Since it is smart and integrated smoothly with your smartphone, why bother with any more complexity?

Like our smart thermostat, the sprinkler controller is an open platform aiming to evolve to maximum intelligence over time.

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