Libre Home In-Wall Switches and Dimmers.

Classic beauty, with a moden touch.

Classic single paddle dimmer or on/off switch, with everything configurable, from on level, on or off transition time for dimmers, to back light level of the LED indicators.

We invented the Libre Multi-switch, a switch with user customizable layout, color and icons. You design the style and functionality of your own, we build it.

Enjoy the refined, reliable controls that have never been experienced before, at your hand, quietly!

Libre In-Wall Switches and Dimmers

Libre-Link Technology

Inter-connect your switches with other things, at your liberty!

Link your things together on your Smartphone.

As easy as building a "friend circle" of things.

Customize your things from your Smartphone.


Crafted to Details

Tunable to every detail.

Every button is customizable.

For dimmers, on level, on/off transition time, move rate can be changes for every button, separately.

Turn a on/off switch into a "delayed off" switch instantly.

Backlight level, back light pattern, disable local control, disable load...

Name and icon ...


Patented Libre App Engine

Versatile lighting control at your finger tips

Libre Home can perform versatile lighting controls on our smart switch that others failed to accomplish.

A button on a switch no long controls a single device. Even the backlight can be assigned a new meaning.


Hornet Mesh Network

Secure, reliable and user-centric wireless network.

Automatically relay messages for other devices.

Enhanced security with end-to-end encryption between every pair of devices.

Device join and device management are easier than ever.


Technical Details

  • 7 colors, hundreds of layouts
  • TI CC2538
  • Hornet Mesh Network
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • Over-the-air firmware recovery through bootloader
  • Built to last
  • Three years limited warranty
  • UL certified