Libre Home Thermostat.

Minimalist design, maximum potential.

Finally, a versatile, low cost and highly reliable thermostat, driven by the open source community and evolving to maximum intelligence.

Unlike other "smart" thermostats, we do NOT steal any data from you. You keep your identity and data, while all intelligence can still be achieved inside your home.


Libre-Link Technology

Inter-connect your thermostat with other things, at your liberty!

Link your things together on your Smartphone.

As easy as building a "friend circle" of things.

Customize your things from your Smartphone.


Smartphone Assisted Setup

Libre Home system is designed to make every sense!

System manages every HVAC system in your home as a whole.

Your Smartphone will take information about your HVAC and guide you through the installation process.


Patented Libre App Engine

Evolving intelligence without any loss to privacy

Open community driven algorithm design.

Users will have choice over the algorithms that powers their thermostats.

Let the true intelligence evolve.


Hornet Mesh Network

Secure, reliable and user-centric wireless network.

Automatically relay messages for other devices.

Enhanced security with end-to-end encryption between every pair of devices.

Device join and device management are easier than ever.


Technical Details

  • Controls up to 2 stage heating and cooling
  • Compatible with heatpump with auxilary heating
  • TI CC2538
  • Hornet Mesh Network
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • Over-the-air firmware recovery through bootloader
  • Built to last
  • Open sourced, community driven Libre-Environment app
  • UL certified