Libre Home Smart Remote.

Autonomous control at your finger tip. Quietly serving your introspection.

With year-long battery life, ability to bind a variety of devices to buttons through smartphone, we introduced a new, quiet and natural way to control your home appliances.

Can't find your remote? Use your smartphone to wake it! It will beep and flash!


Libre-Link Technology

Inter-connect your remote with other things, at your liberty!

Link your things together on your Smartphone.

As easy as building a "friend circle" of things.

Customize your things from your Smartphone.


Crafted to Details

Tunable to every detail.

Every button is customizable.

Displays any language in the world.

Linked device name, icon, etc.


Hornet Mesh Network

Secure, reliable and user-centric wireless network.

Automatically relay messages for other devices.

Enhanced security with end-to-end encryption between every pair of devices.

Device join and device management are easier than ever.


Technical Details

  • Year-long battery life
  • Comes with OLED screen
  • Fully configurable with our smart-phone App
  • Hornet Mesh Network
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • Over-the-air firmware recovery through bootloader
  • Locating lost remote with your smart-phone
  • FCC certified