Libre Home Hub.

The brain of your smart home.

Designed to "make every sense" only for the users, socially, logically, technically and economically.

Privacy protection to the extreme. Truly decentralized design without any crypto Ponzi scheme.

Enjoy total control of your home, your identity and your data, in any way you like it!


Libre-Link Technology

Inter-connect your things with other things, at your liberty!

Link your things together on your Smartphone.

As easy as building a "friend circle" of things.

Customize your things from your Smartphone.


Liberty-IoT-OS with Patented Libre App Engine

The only OS for IoT that makes every sense!

Liberty-IoT-OS is all about liberty. The sole purpose of Liberty-IoT-OS is to give users total control over their IoT devices, identity and data. The sole purpose of our network service is to help user (from their smartphone) to locate their Libre Hub in order to create end-to-end encrypted connection.

Anyone can develop Applications for Libre Home and share with the whole world.

We develop, so that other can just use!

Enjoy the unprecedented user experience!


Hornet Mesh Network

Secure, reliable and user-centric wireless network.

Automatically relay messages for other devices.

Enhanced security with end-to-end encryption between every pair of devices.

Device join and device management are easier than ever.


Technical Details

  • Quad core RK3288 ARM processor
  • 4 GB DDR memory
  • 8 GB of EMMC flash memory
  • 32 GB Endurance flash memory card
  • Ethernet port
  • Patented Liberty-IoT-OS and Libre-App technology
  • Latest Yocto Warrior distribution
  • A/B partitions for major firmware upgrade
  • F2FS on EMMC and SD-card for dual backup