Libre Home features patented Liberty-IoT-OS and Liberty App Engine technology.

Users can create tasks from Libre Application to perform various kind of home automation.

List Tasks

“Tasks” screen lists all tasks in system. Admin can create new, modify or remove existing tasks.

Admin can also start/stop tasks by clicking the right end of the task item.


Task Status Icons

  • Disabled - Task is disabled by admin
  • Running - Task is enabled and running
  • Stopped - Task is enabled but existed from running with no error
  • Error - Task is disabled because error occurred

Create New Task

Click “add” (upper right corner) to start creating a new task.

Choose an Application Function

Task is based on an Application Function.

An application may expose more than one functions. System will bring a screen with all system installed app and functions, so that user can choose a function.

Task Add

Holiday Light Show

Choose “Holiday Light Show” as an example.

“Holiday Light Show” takes dimmable or on/off lights. It controls light level or on/off based on flexible patterns defined by user.

Task Edit

Create First Group of Lights

Click “Add Light Group” to add a new light group “Light Group#1”

Task Edit

Click “Add Light & Level”

A list of all available (and compatible) devices will show up.

Task Edit

In this example, we choose a dimmable light named “Guest#1 Left”.

Task Edit

Click “Level”, then put a “0”. Level value ranges between 0 and 255, where 0 is full off and 255 is full on.

Task Edit

Repeat the above steps, add a second light to this list, “Guest#1 Right”.

Set “Level” to 255 (full on).

Task Edit

Click “Wait for (Seconds)”. Set wait to “1.5 seconds”.

Task Edit

Create Second Group of Lights

Click “Add Light Group” again, add another group of lights.

Repeat the steaps, add two lights to this group’s light list.

“Guest#1 Left” with “Level” of 255 (full on).

“Guest#1 Right” with “Level” of 0 (full off).

“Wait for” set to 1.0 second.

Task Edit

Click “Next”, give task a name “demo”. Don’t forget to turn on “Enable”.

Click “Finish”, the light will start flashing in this predefined pattern:

  • “Guest#1 Left” full off, “Guest#1 Right” full on
  • Wait 1.5 seconds
  • “Guest#1 Left” full on, “Guest#1 Right” full off
  • Wait 1.0 second
  • Repeat forever…

Task Edit

Proven with Theoretical Computer Science

Our patented Liberty-IoT-OS and Libre App enables creating Applications to perform any possible home automation. User use applications by creating tasks.

No other solutions can reach level of intuitiveness and versatility offered by Libre Home.