A scene is a series of device actions.

Users can use scene to trigger several actions on different types of devices.

Managing Scenes

User can add, remove and modify scenes.

Scene List

Add or Modify a Scene

Click “Add” or “+” button to add a scene. Click an existing scene in the list to modify it.

Scene Actions

Scene Actions

As shown above, a scene contains a list of actions.

Each action is associated to a device (load device).

Action Order and Timing

User can move action up or down by long pressing the action.

Unless user specifies the waiting options, actions are triggered all at once (in parallel) despite of the order.

Action Waiting

User can force a scene action to wait before processing actions below.

For example, the first action in the screenshot above.

Scene On/Off

Note: feedback of the device in response to the control signal (in this case is “turn on”) is received.

  • if “Wait for Control Ack” is checked. The scene will delay processing the actions below. Until the feedback of control signal is received.
  • If “Max Retry” is not zero, and the control failed to execute for any reason, the system will keep retry for times specified.
  • If “Exit on Failure” is checked, the scene will finish without executing following actions.
  • If “Wait for Seconds” is not zero, scene will wait for extra seconds specified before processing following actions.


Icons will be displayed along with action text in the “Action List”.

  • Wait for Ack - Wait for control feedback
  • Exit on Failure - Exit on failure
  • Wait - Wait for certain seconds

Scene Name and Icon

Scene is a special device in Libre Home. User can customize the name and default icon of a scene.

Scene Name

Add or Edit Actions

A scene contains a series of actions. Each action is associated with a specific device.

Once user presses “Add” or “+” button, user is first promoted to select a device. Then another dialog is pop up for user to customize action for the specific device.

On/Off Action

Scene On/Off

Level Action

Scene Level

Thermostat Action

Scene Thermostat