My Home

Click “My Home” on main menu to configure some basic properties of your home.

Hub Admin My Home

Location and Timezone

Location and timezone setup is mandatory during initial setup of the Hub.

The information can be modified later on, by system admin.

Usually those information will be automatically acquired. If not user needs to manually correct the settings.

Clicking the “cross hair” image above will re-acquire location through GPS service of your smartphone.

Using gestures to dial up and down in the “time zone list” below is change time zone of your house.

Note most of the Apps will take local time from using input for convenience. If the time zone information is wrong, the related APp task may behave erroneously!

Hub Admin My Home

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The HVAC Manager list all HVAC Units defined in your home.

Each entry displays the heating/cooling stages of the HVAC unit, as well as the number thermostats currently associated the unit.

Hub Admin My Home

Manage HVAC Units

You can add new HVAC Unit by click “Add” button on upper right or lower right corner.

You can also edit and delete existing HVAC units.

Note you can only change the name of existing HVAC Unit. You can only delete a HVAC unit if there is currently no thermostat associated with the unit. You can re-associate thermostat to “no HVAC unit” (effectively disables the thermostat), or re-assign thermostat to another HVAC unit.

The rule is designed to make sure the safety and proper funation of the thermostat. Hub Admin My Home