Adding New Device

Thanks to Hornet wireless stack, adding new device is now much more user-friendly than ever.

Start Adding a New Device

Clicking the “Devices” from main menu. Then choose “Add New Device” from pop up menu.

Note: Do Not Power Device Yet!

The Smartphone App will guide you through the entire process. It is better to start wiring the device power when the App tells you to.

Choosing Device Type First

First you need to choose type of the device you want to add to network.

Add Device Type

Libre Thermostat

When adding a Libre Thermostat, you need to first set up your HVAC units.

If you have not already done so, choose “Add HVAC Unit” from the drop down menu.

You need to specify the proper heating and cooling unit of the thermostat.

If you want the thermostat to only control cooling unit, you can choose “Not Available” for heating unit. For “heating only” thermostat, you can shoose “Not Available” for colling unit.

Add Device HVAC

You will be required to take a picture of old thermostat wiring for reference.

The system will generate the wiring diagram for your thermostat.

Add Device Thermostat

Localized Device UI

Certain devices come with a screen, such as Libre Remote and Libre Thermostat.

The localized language of the remote is determined by the current region and language settings of your Smartphone. As of right now only English and Chinese are supported. English is the default if no language match is found. Once the remote joined the network it will start download the localized UI data from the Hub. It may take several minutes.

The localized language of both theLibre Remote and Libre Thermostat can be changed later.

Be Patient

The device join process involves the discovery of both the device and the network. The device will scan several channels and broadcast many requests in each channel. The process is slow and requires users getting involved. Once joined the device will restart and it may take over 15 seconds for the device to “know the network environment”. Also after initial join the Hub will perform further inquires and set up on the device. So it usually takes 1-2 minutes to join one device.

The Hornet network is reliable, but not fast. It is fast in term of latency, because controlling devices doesn’t require a lot of data communication. However, operations such as firmware upgrade and UI package downloading requires amount of data exchange and may take many minutes to finish.

After the remote joined the network, please give it several minutes before further configuration.

The status of devices can be viewed from the “Device List”. If a device is shown as “busy” it is in the middle of configuration.