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Smarthome/IoT for the Next Decades

As a result of 10 years of research and development, Libre Home system is now released.

Libre is All About Liberty

I chose the name Libre, only because it is the closest to the word “Liberty”.

Our products are all about liberty. It may come with a cost, but we will never compromise our principle!

Furthermore, we are willing to defend our principle at any cost!

Talk is Cheap!

I will show you the code! And I will show you the products!

The System

We aim to provide a full line of smart home/IoT products.

Initially, the following products are released:

  • Libre Home Hub, the Smarthome Hub
  • Libre Home Thermostat
  • Libre Home Remote
  • Libre Home Sprinkler Controller
  • Libre Home In-Wall Switches/Dimmers
  • Libre Home Plug-in Switches/Dimmers



Phone App

Design Philosophy

As the founder, I designed the system for myself, as well as the users. By emphasizing the users, I truly mean that the system has to be designed to make every sense for the users, with features such as:

  • Maximum privacy and data protection
    • With zero data leak and no excuses!
  • Full user experience
    • No cheating with “theoretically broken” system that users can only feel “not flexible enough”.
  • Pushing technology to extreme
    • We do it because we can and we believe there is no excuse not to!
  • Technologies that last decades
    • A new breed Operating System for IoT;
    • Innovative IoT App Engine;
    • The project is managed most efficiently.


Libre Home is the only system that offers full privacy and data protection with zero information leaks.

I believe we all should “cut ourselves clean” before we serve our users!

Truly Decentralized System

With end-to-end communication from users’ smartphones to their hubs, we want our uses to have as much empowerment as possible!

Users can connect to the hub through either “Bridge Mode”, or “NAT Port Forward Mode”.

“Bridge Mode” is the default.

“NAT Port Forward Mode” is recommended.

Communication is end-to-end encrypted in either way with a unique key between Hub and each smartphone.



Users don’t need any extra services from us. This is a win-win to minimize costs and risks for both sides.

Wireless Design

The wireless chips we use in our products, only have a peak power output of about 5mW, while lots of wi-fi based products output 150mW of power, 30 times higher than ours.

Our engineers happen to know how to build antenna arrays for satellites.

We can achieve up to 50 meters range with 5mW and wideband antenna, which is essential for portable devices and low power sensors.

Our smart remote has over a year-long battery life with 2 X AAA batteries.

Libre Home App, Patented Technology

One doesn’t need to steal any data from users to serve them better.

Our system offers better user experience no other systems can achieve.

With patented Libre Home App Engine, anyone can develop applications for our Hubs.

The Apps are running on the Hub, just like smartphone Apps running on smartphones.

Light Show Example - Blinking a Light

Below is an example, of an App task that blinks a light at a 1-second interval.

Light Show

Here is How to Create it

Light Show

Start Task

The light specified will start to blink, at a 1-second interval.

Light Show

More Lights? More Complex Patterns?

No problem. Any pattern with as many lights as you want!

Can Any Other System do That?

Not without requiring a user to manually do programming every time!

The App

The App is only 10 lines of code.

It can be shared with the whole world.

For this simple “Light Show”, no other system can do it, not without requiring users to do some programming every time!

Again, please noted the light grouping in the “Light Show” is a deep tree structure. That is what this patent is about, I reinvented the tree structure!

Another Example - Thermostat Scheduling

Another example is a 7-day thermostat scheduling App.

A Schedule

Below is an example of a 7-day thermostat schedule.


Here is How to Create it

Schedule Create

More About the Patent

Please read “Patent, Again

Libre Linking


Apart from Libre App, the user can perform “Libre Linking”. It helps the user link many remote buttons/switches to one single device.

It is intuitive to setup classic “multi-way” light switch from your smartphone, and to easily go beyond since the classic “multi-way” light switch doesn’t involve a remote control and smartphone.


Linking to self, multiple links with different properties (e.g. dimming level)… As long as it is logical, it can be done. Remember, we design a system that makes every sense!


Third-party Devices

Lots of third-party wi-fi devices can be automatically discovered by our Hub.

With our App technology, developers can write Apps to drive any wi-fi devices.

An example is to drive a Denon/Marantz AV receiver and expose several devices. For example, the power will an On/Off switch. The volume control will be “Level device”, like the dimmer switch.

Creating Devices

The user only needs to fill these blanks on your smartphone.


Here is How to Do it

Checkout the animation below:


The New Devices



Furthermore, those devices can be linked to other devices, such as remote buttons.

Demo Video

This is the link to demo video.

Wireless Technology

Zigbee is a standard. Zigbee is free. But the design of Zigbee is not optimal. And Zigbee is not going anywhere.

End users don’t get the optimal design because the are on the weak side of the conflict of interests.

End users have always been on the weak side of asymmetric information. They don’t know what is going on when things fail. And their complaints will be made insignificant anyways.

We build our own wireless mesh network protocol, the Hornet Mesh Network.

Users and Security

Libre Home OS is an Operating System for IoT. If offers enterprise grade fine grained access control, while keeping intuitive and easy-to-use for regular home users.

Passwordless Design

Hub owner grant access to users’ mobile devices. Only one master password is required for Hub recovery, which is set in your home and stays in your home and never leaves. Other users don’t need any password to use the system.


Fine Gained Control

Users, groups, user privileges, and access control, everything can be customized.

Priviledges ACL

More information can be found at “Users and Security

What About Voice Control

We strive to design the technology to be used for decades.

The Hub is essentially an Operating System for IoT, a new breed of Operating System.

Each device is an independent platform with regular software updates that can be applied wirelessly.

The App can be any algorithm by any developer that glues devices together to create any complex controls.

With extreme privacy protection, it will be the only sustainable technology for the future society.

As for those various “voice assistants” or “listening bugs”, they are just accessories that can be driven by Apps. And I am sure developers will write those Apps. And we are working on our own “voice assistants” that running locally without sending any data out.

Review Current Product Line

Liberty Home Hub

A hub with a small screen, that makes life a lot easier.

In-Wall Switches/Dimmers


Apart from the classic rocker switch, we also designed unique multi-button switches, of which users can customize the color and layout.

Buttons can be easily linked to other devices.



The remote battery lasts over a year (2 X AAA).

Remote can be configured with a smartphone App.

Remote is always connected. Configure changes are pushed wirelessly to the remote. If the remote is lost, the user can trigger the remote alarm beep and screen flash from their smartphone.



Elegantly simple, runs cooler and doesn’t steal any of your data.

Thermostat Phone

with extreme manageability.

Thermostat Phone

same capabilities as other products:

  • Up to 2 stages cooling and 2 stages heating
  • Heat pump systems
  • Whole-house humidifiers, steam or evaporative

Open Source Apps

We promote the open-source development of IoT Apps for our system, especially the thermostat and sprinkler controllers.

The capability of full user empowerment, together with full developer documentation, our system is actually more open than other systems to actual end users!

Together let’s make the world a better place!

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